PRODAS Intelligent emergency power supply UNV-120

according to EN 54-16 / VDE 0833-4 / EN 60849 / VDE 0828 / EN 54-4

- Emergency power supply and charging unit for the system PRODAS

- The battery charger UNV-120 is charging and monitoring external 48V batteries up to 120Ah.

- The charging voltage for the lead acid batteries is regulated by an external sensor according to the battery temperature.

- An extensive monitoring system protects the batteries against over- and undervoltage and detects interruption of the feed line.

- This unit is capable to load up to 80% a battery pack of 120 Ah within 24 hours.

- 10 fused connectors allow easy load connection.

- Detailed indication via LED’s allow at any time surveillance of battery level, charging current, discharging current and the condition of the  fuses.

- The ”UNV-Soft” software allows particular adjustments of the battery.

- The loading unit in operation can be observed ”online”.

- An independent 24V power supply delivers 2A for the connection of any 24V load.

Rear view