PRODAS Digital Fire Brigade Microphone Station PDS-FW

according to EN 54-16 / VDE 0833-4 / EN 60849 / VDE 0828







Processor controlled fireman‘s paging desk for bus circuit activation, certified according to EN 54-16 / VDE 0833-4.

Dynamic microphone with control key completely monitored.

6 freely programmable keys for zone preselection or for activation of evacuation sequences. The keys can be optionally equipped with a protection.

LEDs to display power, talk, busy and error.

Observation of the data line, operating voltage, paging channel, push-to-talk key and microphone.

Up to 32 paging desks can be connected to the system in parallel via a bus cable.

The digital paging desk can be located up to 1200m away from the central unit.