UNITON AG is an innovative company which is working close to the market and has a long tradition in the electro-acoustic field. The corporate strategy orientates itself on modern business aspects. The UNITON group has around 100 employees and is a member of the following associations : AES, PLASA, ZVEI, IVR.

UNITON PRODAS Voice alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE) and Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes are certified according to EN 54-16 / VDE 0833-4 and EN 60849  / VDE 0828 standards.

Due to the fast changing market, it is very important for our company to have a qualified staff in our research and engineering department who follows up the latest technical developments. This is one reason why UNITON AG has always put revolutionary novelties on the market since the company was founded.

Our electronic and software engineers are presently working on the further development of Digital Power Amplifiers and medium Sound and Voice Alarm Systems according to EN 54-16 standard. The DSP-controlled central units will be equipped with new functions corresponding to the latest technology standard.

An important maxim for our product management is to try to unite highest operational safety with easy-to-use features.

It is goes without saying that we stay in permanent contact with our general agents and subsidiaries in order to evaluate the current market situation correctly and to react to a changing demand. Regular education and training of the employees of our subsidiaries is an absolute must to keep our high quality standard.

UNITON AG exports its acoustic and communication systems to more than 50 countries worldwide.





Foundation from a company for electromechanical instrument making


Foundation of UNITON AG by renaming the existing company and registration in the register of companies.



UNITON AG moves into a larger building

Opening of the German subsidiary in Gottmadigen.

The sales office in the French part of Switzerland opens.

UNITON AG buys a fabrication and office building at Pumpwerkstrasse in Regensdorf. The stock and sales office remained in the former site at Althardstrasse.


Transfer of the distribution for German part of Switzerland to Audio Akustik AG, Regensdorf.

The company’s stock moves into a 1200 sqm shed to guarantee quick and efficient delivery.

The building in Pumpwerkstrasse is being renovated and extended. The whole company could move into one building.



UNITON GmbH (Germany) moves into a newly-built fabrication and office building.

Audio Akustik AG takes over a company in Oberwil (Basel).

Audio Akustik AG takes over UNITON AG.

The first processor-controlled audio system is delivered.



Admission of UNITON GmbH in ZVEI Association for Audio/ Video technology.

The first processor-controlled audio system RSM, which could be programmed under Windows®, delivered.



UNITON delivers the first digital text systems with MPEG data reduction.

Audio Akustik AG branch office moves from Oberwil to Muttenz, Basle.




New development of processor controlled amplifiers MPA 4100.

Opening of the Audio Akustik AG office in the south part of Switzerland  (Ticino).
Development of processor controlled, user configurable Audio-Matrix PMP 1040.
Development of digital "Voice Storage System" DVR-400 according to EN 60849 regulation.





The digital speaker line surveillance SLS-1000 according to EN 60849 is delivered.

The sales offices in French Switzerland pull from Montreux to Lausanne.



UNTON receives the TüV type test certificate for the UNITON PRODAS product line in accordance with EN 60849.
The digital sound management system DMAX 1414 is delivered.





The fully digital sound system
UNITON PRODAS DMAX 1414 with graphical programming interface is delivered.


UNITON GmbH opens branches in North Schoenberg (Kiel) and East Berlin.

UNITON launches the new digital amplifier series Class D. The power amplifiers are especially constructed for use in voice-alarm-systems.

UNITON comes out with the PRODAS Compact Sound and Voice Alarm System MPS-1200, an intelligent processor controlled system amplifier, custom-built for smaller evacuation systems according to EN 60849, VDE 0828, EN 54-16, VDE 833-4 standard.



UNITON presents their new digital System Controller PMD-1080 as of the UNITON PRODAS series. Together with the DMAX-1414 and SLS-1000 these innovative components for UNITON’s digital sound systems for emergency purposes provide safety of the highest possible standard for Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE) according to EN 54-16 standards/VDE 0833-4. The digital signal processing, combined with a 2-channel voice recorder guarantees a most professional evacuation. 



UNITON PRODAS Voice Alarm Systems (VAS) are certified according to EN 54-16 standards. 

The digital UNITON PRODAS voice alarm systems and sound systems for emergency purposes are innovatively enhanced with additional modules for amok alarm. In case of fire, amok and other emergencies the tool supports a highly efficient evacuation and helps save lives.